Tech Related Things worth Knowing

Tech Related Things worth Knowing

Technology has evolved and has undoubtedly made our lives easier over the years. Transforming from a Walkman to MP3 and MP4 players, from a keypad to touch system incorporated cell phone and from a Pentium 4 desktop to laptops, iPad, palmtops etc., technology has always upgraded and enhanced our lifestyle. As saintly as it seems, the wrong use of technology can also leave a detrimental impact on our lives as showcased in the tech serial “Black Mirror”. But there are severe risks and threats associated with the modern technology, the threat of cybercrime, data breaches widely exist in our modern society. We bring you the 5 most trending tech topics which you should be aware of:

Augmented Reality:

Facebook, a tech giant has introduced Oculus Rift, a creation of augmented reality. Oculus Rift gives you a chance to move into virtual reality using the VR glasses. It takes you to a whole new different world enabling you to experience something that you have never done before. With the use of augmented reality, you can visit multiple online shopping websites offering virtual catalogs which you can use to purchase clothes and make your shopping experience as better as before. Not only this, augmented reality is changing the future of commerce across the world. A popular game “Pokémon Go”, another example of AR gained huge popularity in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence refers to the creation of machines using human intelligence to replace AI is penetrating across the globe and It may include voice recognition, translation of languages, problem-solving etc. Amazon’s robots moving across its warehouses, Siri and Tesla’s driverless cars are a major example of AI. Artificial Intelligence has become an integral segment of the tech world and the tech giants are tirelessly working on it. Giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others have heavily invested in AI and are establishing multiple research labs in New York, Montreal, Paris etc. with more than 100 scientists.


Blockchain technology was lately associated with the popularity of cryptocurrencies across the world. One of them is bitcoin which uses the block chain system to ensure that the transactions are secure.  Bitcoin gained great attention and was interpreted by many people as a source of earning huge profits and investments whereas the initial idea was to replace the use of physical currency with digital one to make transactions safe and reliable. Bitcoin met its demise after reaching a value of $20,000 in 2017. The technology is still striving to regain and stabilize its position across the world. Countries like Dubai, Switzerland, Singapore, Estonia, United Kingdom and others have and are still incorporating the blockchain technology in their systems to make them more efficient and effective.

Voice Assistants:

Voice Assistants are now installed in Android and iOS operating systems to make the functionality of cell phones easier. It can be used to translate languages and perform other functions as well. There is more to voice assistants and its role in digital technology is yet to be explored. Voice assistants are greatly helpful for voice recognition and are no longer restricted to cell phones but are rather being installed in various computers as well. A tech giant Google is making the best use to voice assistants by putting it at display on Chrome. Google Assistant pull answers to our voice queries from the top ranked relatable searches. Voice Assistants are widely changing the future of branding and marketing across the globe urging brands to develop better and diverse set of content for their websites.


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