SocialXpand Review – Impressive Features of Social Media Reseller Programs Offered

Social Media Marketing Reseller

SocialXpand is a leading company providing Social Media Marketing professional a bunch of social media tools that will help their client’s business grow on social media platforms. They bring white label digital marketing business opportunities to the clients based in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The social media marketing resellers or marketing professionals will be provided everything they need to establish a successful social media business online.

Social Media Reseller

Social Media Tools Provided by SocialXpand

  • Social Media Management– Social media management tool helps in creating new customers by engaging them with shareable social media content. It also includes a banner ad feature.
  • Social Analytics– Social analytics tool will help you get comprehensive analytic reports across all channels, sweepstakes and deals.
  • Social Contests- The marketing professionals or resellers can enhance their social marketing efforts with the help of social contests. They can grab the attention of the customers with the help of powerful sweepstakes and email list building.
  • Reputation Monitor- The reputation monitoring tool will help the resellers protect their online reputation. They can keep an eye on who comments or reviews your business and take timely actions by responding to customer feedbacks.
  • Social shopping carts- If your business has several products to sell, you can create shopping carts to sell your products on social media.

The working of social media marketing programs offered by SocialXpand is simple and easy. You can easily sign up and you will be provided all the necessary things you need to run a successful social media business online. Some of the inclusions of a social media reseller programs are- branded website, marketing material, client portal, social software, customized content, on-going training and support.  The resellers are offered these reseller programs at a flat monthly fee. They will be provided all the necessary material they need to hit the ground running.  Not only this, the resellers or marketing professionals can set their own plans and prices and charge their customers whatever they like.  They can create their own plans and prices and display on their marketing website so that businesses can sign up directly through the marketing websites. The resellers can keep 100% of the sales in their own pocket.

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Those were some of the impressive highlights of the social media reseller programs offered by SocialXpand. If you want to become a social media expert, get in touch with the experts at-, or alternatively, you can call them at- 917-818-4550.


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