SheShines – 2019


A grand event was held by a women awakening community ‘SheShines’ in Delhi on 13 April. It was organized by Mr.Gurpreet Singh Tikku and Ms.Gurleen Kaur Tikku. It was a full day function inviting approximately 200 participants. It was a full day event which quite surprisingly showed active participation with absolutely zero vacant seats.

Talking about the event, it was an awakening programme where women were uplifted, and their worth was explained to every present candidate. The event covered many topics focusing on women’s struggle, partiality, etc. They taught them never to settle for anything less. It was an eye awakening session that proved to be quite beneficial for all.

Moving on to guests and participants, there was a special guest if honor who in the starting of the event performed a lightening ceremony. ‘Kamlesh Gill’ was the guest of honor who played roles as various characters in the TV industry; one happens to be ‘Veeji’ in ‘Vicky Donor.’ She amused the audience with her jolly nature and free spirit and made them realized that soul never ages. In between the conversation sessions, there was RJSayema present to speak along with Hridhan. There even was an individual dance fusion performance by Rashmi Sharma which was applauded by entire jury.

The participants were given a brunch of their favorite brand Veeba which consisted of wide ranges of dips and continents hard to choose from. They varied from salad dressings to spreads including mayonnaise etc. They allowed the participants to make their favorite sandwich and not stick to a particular basic one. They even informed the participants about their newly launched toppings including various flavors like Caramel Fudge Topping, Strawberry Fruit Topping, Chocolate Fudge Topping, and Alphonso Mango Fruit Topping and many more.

They even had a complementary item that was martini glasses consisting of US cranberries. These berries have a dozen of benefits yet when tasted dry. They increase the health of the urinary tract, reduces specific inflammation, prohibits the growth of cancer-causing cells, and even benefits stomach in several ways.

Whereas the dry berries contain lots of vitamins including Vitamin C, E, Kand A. They happen to be beneficial and advantageous for heart, health, gums, hair as well as skin.

At the departure, the participants were rewarded with goodies consisting of heard brands that were adored by all the participants present. The even in brief was a good and eye weakened for majority of people.


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