How Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Works?

How Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Works

Do you face pain and strains in your shoulder for a long and sustained period of time? Does the pain seem everlasting to you? Consulting a doctor and professional would be most advisable in this case. On another note, if you are having second thoughts about what it would be, here you are at the right place for this.

Symptoms that assure you that you need a reverse shoulder Arthroplasty –

  • Chronic shoulder dislocation would be an important phase where you would be requiring this surgery.
  • Tumor of the shoulder joint.
  • Various cases like therapies, injections, medications which were unsuccessful in curing the shoulder pain you are suffering from.
  • Fracture in the shoulder joint.
  • Major difficulty in lifting your arm over your head or 180 degrees straight to your shoulder.

Under these cases, it is advisable that you consult a doctor and surgeon for diagnosis and analysis of the problem involved. On confirmation by the doc, you could conclude that you would be going through the reverse shoulder replacement.

So, how does it work?

This is all about the procedure involved in this surgery. Also, before getting into the details of the surgery, you must go through the risks involved in it.

  • There are chances of prosthetic being misaligned or loosening up after the point of surgery. Also, during or after the surgery, your bone maybe fractured with regard to the operation done.
  • Infection may take place in spite of the antibiotics being taken.
  • Nerve injury can take place under certain circumstances.

Although there are risks involved in this surgery, it is recommendable that you don’t gain fear on knowing about these risks. These are just possibilities of the surgery and as far as the medical industry is concerned, higher emphasis is laid on your health and physique. So, these are something that you don’t need to be worried about.

Before the surgery, you would be required to make some preparations on your side. This would be like arranging your home to a much simpler style and comfort. This is because after the surgery, you would not be able to reach out for higher shelves and ceiling. Also, make sure that you have a support or caretaker as it would take you some time for being independent.

Procedure behind this type of surgery would be –

  • The anesthesia is given after a discussion with the anesthesiologist and surgeon. After this, you are laid on the operating table and the basic procedures before operation is done.
  • On making sure that the operation can be started, the surgeon makes the incision on the top or front of the shoulder part. After the incision is made, the surgeon takes out the damaged part and reinstates it with an artificial device.
  • This operation goes on for 2 hours and has quite a big technical procedure involved in it.
  • After the surgery, you would be kept under observation and given several antibiotics for preventing infection and other risks involved.
  • Most knee replacement surgery would mandatorily insist that your stay in hospital would be for a maximum of 2 days, after which you could return to your home.

After the operation, you would be going through a bit of pain which is ultimately a process of healing. You would be given required doses and medications for helping you survive the pain and recover quickly. An important point that should be noted is that, you should be able to be independent and do things on your own after few weeks of surgery.

So, this is how the total knee replacement or knee Arthroplasty surgery works on.

When the patient is diagnosed with damaged or malfunctioned shoulder that may be caused by any accident or prolonged arthritis, the doctor suggests going for shoulder joint replacement surgery which is all about replacing the malfunctioned shoulder joint or upper arm with the artificial or man-made components.

The patient who has been suffering from acute pain for long time doesn’t have any option except surgery. Though, the doctor closely examines the patient before proceeding for any shoulder joint replacement surgery depending upon actual condition of the patient. While, reverse shoulder replacement is quite different from traditional methods of joint replacement surgery. In this type of surgery, the surgeon takes out the injured part and smoothen the damaged parts. He aligns the smoothed joint piece with the shoulder bone. He also uses the cup shaped joint piece to replace upper arm bone.


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