Home Remedies For Shortness of Breath


Shortness of breath is quite common and quite uncomfortable. Shortness of breath is a common breathing problem in many subjects.  Many different pathologies in the heart and lungs have the potential to interfere with your airways. Various causes can be breathless are overweight, smoke, allergens or contaminants in the air, extreme temperatures, heavy exercise, worry. However, if difficulty breathing is not a sign of a more severe illness, the condition can often be managed at home. The treatment these cases is a great deal of concern. Only with these tips, can you solve the problem directly without much effort and time? Here are some home remedies for shortness of breath that people can try.

The first one in home remedies for shortness of breath that we can apply regularly is taking a deep breath. Deep breathing can help control breathing difficulties. To do this at home, you need:

–    lay down, put your hands on the belly

–     Inhale deeply through the nose, swell and let the lungs fill the air

–     hold your breath for a few seconds

–     Exhale slowly through your mouth until your lungs run out of the sky

–     Repeat for 5 to 10 minutes

This exercise can do several times a day, or whenever you have trouble breathing. It is best to keep your breathing slow, thick and comfortable, rather than rapid breathing.

Another breathing exercise that can help reduce breathing difficulties is mouth breathing. To practice plump lips at home, you need to:

–     Sit straight on a chair with comfortable shoulders

–     Hold your lips together so that the distance between the lips is in the middle

–    Inhale through the nose for a few seconds

–    Gently exhale through the mouth while counting down to 4

–    breathe and breathe out like that for 10 minutes

You can try this exercise every time if you feel short of breath. You should repeat this action several times a day.

Many patients suffer from shortness of breath while sleeping. This condition will cause you to wake up several times, affecting the quality of your sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable position that is one of the home remedies for shortness of breath will help you a lot in this case.

Option 1: Lie on one side, with a pillow between your legs, put your head up with one or more pads to make you feel at ease, and keep your back straight.

Method 2: Lie on your back, straighten your head with one or two pillows (optional), and place a pad under the knees.

Maybe you don’t know that breathing steam can help clear the nose, improve to breathe easier. Heat and moisture from the steam can also melt away the lung, which reduces breathing. To breathe steam at home, you need to:

–     Fill the bowl with hot water

–     Add a few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil

–     Bend over the pan with a towel over your head

–     take a deep breath, breathe in water vapor

It is essential to ensure that the water is slightly cool after boiling. Otherwise, water vapor can burn the skin.

Besides, coffee can use as one of home remedies for shortness of breath. Drinking black coffee can help with breathing problems, as caffeine in coffee can reduce muscle fatigue in the respiratory tract.

Some studies have found that caffeine has a mild effect on respiratory function in people with asthma. This effect may be enough to make them easier to breathe.

However, it is important to remember that drinking too much coffee can increase your heart rate. It’s a good idea to monitor caffeine levels when trying this treatment, to make sure you do not get drunk.

Also, eating fresh ginger, or adding new ginger to hot water for drinking, can help reduce respiratory distress. One study found that ginger may be effective against RSV, a common cause of respiratory infections.

When you suffer from shortness of breath, you should sit and lean forward. Relaxing the body while sitting on the chair helps the spirit and the body to relax, which supports the patient breathe a lot easier. This posture is as follows:

–    Sitting on a chair, the soles of the feet rest against the floor, the chest forward

–    Gently put the elbows on the knees or you can hold the chin with hands

–    Always keep the shoulders, neck loose

Here are some practical home remedies for shortness of breath.

Some people have mild shortness of breath and have diagnosed by the doctor. If the doctor has diagnosed the cause, you should try one of these home remedies is a safe bet. For those who have trouble breathing for the first time without knowing why they should talk to your doctor. Only the doctor can diagnose correctly. In some cases, shortness of breath is a cause for immediate attention. Get medical attention right away if severe difficulty breathing or feeling or chest pain.

Source: https://authorityremedies.com/home-remedies-for-shortness-of-breath/


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