Everything You Need to Know About ISO19770-1


If you are not aware, we would like to tell you that ISO- 19770-1 is a framework that enables organizations to ensure it is performing software asset management to a standard which is sufficient to satisfy the corporate governance requirements.  It contains 27 process areas along with detailed objectives and outcomes for each. The standard also allows organizations to adopt ITAM processes that are suitable to the needs and size of the organization.

Benefits of ISO19770-1 to Businesses

In this post, we will be giving you detailed information about ISO-19770-1 and how it can be beneficial to the businesses.

It is the need of every business and organization to have an effective IT asset management system in place. Not only it helps reduce the risks, but also ensure the security of those assets through effective tracking.  The concept is so broad that it can be applied in a variety of technological environments including cloud-based computing.

As mentioned earlier, organizations and businesses heavily rely on software as well as other IT assets to run their business effectively.  These systems are not only beneficial to keep everything in check, but also communicate with customers, track the business plans and manage the installation of those assets.

ISO-19770-1 focuses on the processes that are required to manage IT assets. It arrived first in 2006 as a software asset management standard. This standard recognized the complexities and challenges involved in the market.  The system has also put together all the policies and procedures that drive compliance and control. Six years after its inception, ISO made some changes to the standard, which are mentioned below:

  • ISO changed Software Asset Management standard to an ITAM standard that governs all assets right from hardware to software to people.
  • This standard had previously three categories and now has seven categories. These categories encompass- risk management, security and other areas that have grown in importance.
  • The standard has now aligned to other ISO standards specifically around the treatment of IT risks and the implementation of Service Delivery processes.


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