Get In Your Best Body Shape With Effective EPOC Training

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

Who doesn’t want to lose weight fast and now it is truly possible to shed pounds quickly by following the very effective EPOC training. This kind of training is highly result-oriented and produces remarkable results in least time possible. The exercises included in this form of training require you to workout at high intensity that greatly pumps up your muscles.


EPOC stands for Excessive Post exercise Oxygen Consumption. This refers to the burning of calories by your body when the exercise session is over. This effect makes your body to burn calories for as long as 24 hours after finishing the workout. This feat is not accomplished through any other type of exercise routine focused on performing low intensity exercises for a long duration. Low intensity exercises, even if performed for a long duration, do not burn calories after you are done with the exercise. Stable low intensity cardio exercises normally only burns calories during the workout but not long  that. Therefore, anyone who is aiming to lose weight quickly must consider the option of the very effective EPOC training.

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

This kind of workout includes only those exercises that take your metabolic rate to a great high. Even after you are done with the exercise the metabolism of your body remains elevated which makes your body to keep on consuming oxygen for a long time after the workout. This leads to burning of a significant amount of calories.


It is worth mentioning that you do no need to join a gymnasium to avail advantage of this special kind of workout. These days you can easily find a reliable at-home EPOC training program that you can use to design a highly proficient exercise schedule. Such a program gets you acquainted with different techniques that can be applied to reach your highest potential. Plus, they consist of clearly elaborated set of instructions for charting out an effective EPOC exercise routine. Furthermore, there are also many programs that enlighten the users about the most appropriate kind of eating routine that must be followed so as to accelerate the pace of fat burning in the body.


These programs are all-inclusive in the sense that they eliminate the need to take any professional help for designing a good EPOC exercise schedule. They contain all the necessary instructions to perform the exercises included in this workout in a safe manner with an aim to gain maximum advantage from it. They also save a handsome amount of money, which you would have otherwise invested in getting a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer.


The fundamentals of EPOC training are very simple! It requires you to do high intensity exercises for a short duration of time, whose effect lasts for as long as 24 hours after you are done with the exercise. This effect is the result of the great dose of power you apply to perform high intensity exercises. Your body takes its time to recover from bouts of high intensity exercises and in this process keeps on burning calories. This means that it does not matter whether you are exercising or not, if you do high intensity exercises even for 30 minutes a day using the right strategy, your body will get pumped resulting in higher oxygen consumption.


One more important thing to note about EPOC training is that it does not depend upon the duration for which you perform the exercise. It solely relies on the intensity of exercises you perform. One simple example of EPOC training is running at a very high speed for around 2 minutes and then jogging for 1 minute. Repeat this for about 10 sets, which should last for about 30 minutes at a stretch. This workout routine when followed consistently is sure to deliver powerful results quickly.


However, you need to understand that any amount of EPOC training can not help you if you do not complement it with various positive changes in your life. It is important that you follow a good diet that is rich in multiple essential vitamins as well as minerals to make sure that your body does not get energy deficient after performing such a demanding workout. It is equally important to stay adequately hydrated. It is suggested to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of filtered water every day. Moreover, you should not consume oily or fried food items as they will nullify the effect of all the exercise you have done by stuffing your body with unnecessary calories.


There is nothing that can stop you from reaching your ideal body weight using EPOC training, all that you need is dedication and determination. Try this strikingly amazing exercise routine today and flaunt your best body shape with confidence.


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