Distant Lover Birthday & Anniversary


Miles between you and your lover are nothing when it comes to expressing love, still thinking about the time when you hold their hand again when you meet them but right now the distance is in the way. You can send flowers to Bangalore.

There is a Chinese saying “real gold is not afraid of the test of fire.” The distance surely does drive some of us crazy but we must have patience as we know the fruit that is going to be there, in the end, will be full of sweetness.

The good messaging apps are there to help you text throughout and there are apps through which you can video call but nothing is better than receiving a bouquet at midnight.

Send the flowers to India with a cake and a teddy bear which they keep always by their side and remember and cherish the sweet memory given by you.

The best thing about long-distance relationships is that they teach you to be grateful all the time as even a phone call from them leaves you smiling. Most couples think that they have to provide for the distance by keeping in contact all the time but that is not true at all, you could always send flowers to them on various occasions like Valentine, birthday and anniversary.

Here are a few ideas:


Birthdays are special as always and remember to make it even more special by adding a cake or a teddy bear or a basket full of chocolates, order it online for the one you love, and surprise them at midnight with a pleasant surprise.    


White Lilies wrapped with a black forest cake, sounds good, right?

Symbolize your pure love through the bouquet with a black forest cake for her birthday. The marvel of nature in those fresh flowers.


Those crimson, long-stemmed, and heavy petaled flowers available in various colors are combined to form a bouquet that is ready to be delivered to your beloved’s hand, Wish him/her happy birthday with this amazing bouquet.

Pickup that mobile and Order them fresh flowers now!


14TH of February a very exciting time for couples but if you’re far it can turn into a missing session for both of you after all it is really hard to spend time without your lover on the day which is dedicated to the lovers.

10 Orchids Premium Bunch

Whenever we talk about orchids we also talk about their splendid colors and rarity, this gorgeously colored orchid makes a perfect gift of valentine reminding your lover to hold on for a little longer and you will be back soon. 


Just like a rose has thorns and then the sweet flower in the same way the distance is the thorn and the bouquet reaching your partner is the sweet flower that you can give them.

Make their valentine day special by surprising them with the bouquet and making them realize that distance doesn’t matter.


a basket full of love is all it takes on valentine and a teddy bear to remember you by, you don’t have to meet to make memories but these small gifts are enough to lighten your day up and remind you that there is someone special in your life waiting for you miles apart.


Still remember the day, you met your significant other? The day was amazing, right?

Celebrate it again with some flowers, there is distance nut not a region that you can’t get those blossoming blossoms delivered.


Charm, graceful, thoughtfulness, purity, and sincerity, the white rose symbolizes it all and with a teddy bear and a cake it becomes a perfect gift for your loved one on the first anniversary. You can also make a combination of various other colors.


They will surely blush after receiving this at midnight, the magnificent orchids will surely take them down the memory lane and remind them of the day when you met each other.

Not meeting them doesn’t have to be hard for you when you know that you can give them these pleasant surprises by ordering from bloomsvilla and the florists will deliver the bouquets on the same day or opt for midnight flower delivery in mumbai. Hurry up! time is ticking.


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