Dehradun: The Management Courses Capital of the Northern Part of India

MCA College in Dehradun

The city of Dehradun is fast emerging as the management courses capital of the Northern region as some of the finest institutions have a notable presence here. Unlike congested cities of Delhi or other cities of India, the city of Dehradun is totally different. On the one hand, it has towering modern skyscrapers and, on the other, it has also vast sprawling green acres that are perfect locations for educational institutions.


There is variety in the type of management courses available. But you have to find the best Management Institute in Dehradun. One top private institute offers not only the vanilla MBA/BBA courses but also blends it with banking and finance and as a top up to B.Tech in automobiles, electronics and computer science. It turns out techies equipped with managerial skills. If you think of hospitality management, then you do not have to travel far. One of the top hospitality groups of India has a fine management training centre located in this city.


Management professionals can further refine their skills by going in for PMP Certification courses and certification in quality management available right here in Dehradun. The city is also home to one of the top institutions offering doctoral programmes apart from executive post graduate programmes in a variety of courses such as National Management, Energy Management, Public Policy and Management and International Management. In short, there is a course that will meet the need of students looking for management degrees.


Availability of courses is one thing; for students it is more important to get into well paying positions once they complete their studies. In this respect, Dehradun offers the best. It is home to corporate houses and multinationals. It is home to international IT companies and automobile companies. Placement is easy since all these companies would prefer to go head hunting in the innumerable management institutions dotting the landscape of Dehradun. The finest companies offer the best pay packages, and many students are absorbed right into the ambience of sophisticated businesses here.


In this backdrop, it makes sense to consider Dehradun as the destination to pursue courses in management. If you are in search of the best management institute in Uttarakhand, then the city of Dehradun is simply an ideal option for you. You have the maximum variety in the types of courses available. Importantly, students who spend lakhs on such courses can expect placement even as they complete their final year.


From studies to work is an easy and smooth transition. The starting packages may not be fantastic but you can expect it to be well above the national average, certainly far better than tier 2 and 3 cities. The icing on the cake is the superior lifestyle of Dehradun.


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