Computer eyewear: What makes it different & how to buy?

Computer eyewear What makes it different & how to buy

Most of us are accustomed to work on computers for long hours throughout the day which leads to several forms of digital eye strain including blurred vision, red eyes and various symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). This onset is due to the different work activity as compared to many others.

For individuals under 40 years, this blurred vision and eyestrain may be due to an inability of the eyes to accurately focus on the screen. This adjustment anomaly is associated to the CVS whereas for people above the age of 40 may face the issue due to presbyopia; normal loss of vision due to ageing that can surely lead to CVS.

Computer glasses

These glasses are different from the regular eyeglasses and reading specs in many ways due to enhanced optimisation power when working on the computer screens. 20-to-26 inch distance of the screen from the user’s eyes is considered ideal or intermediate zone of vision. This is because it’s farther from the reading vision and closer than driving.

Without computer eyewear, many computer users face the issue of blurred vision, frequent eye strain and headaches; primary symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Closing the distance between the eyes and screen is perhaps the biggest mistake and so does looking through the bottom of eyeglass. Both these actions lead to sore neck and shoulders, back pain and accelerates vision decline.

Computer glasses have magnifying power almost 60% greater than the normal reading glasses but the optimal magnification depends on how far you sit from the screen and how closer you keep the digital devices to your eyes.

Computer glasses can accurately correct astigmatism whereas precise measurements are taken only by an expert ophthalmologist in Dubai. The lens, when worn, is kept directly in front of the eye pupil so that it can completely cover the vision spectrum.

A university research also concluded that custom computer eyewear, prepared only after consultancy of the eye doctor, can significantly increase productivity at work.

Lens design

Since the lenses are designed especially for computer use, these aren’t suitable for general wear and while driving. Even the simplest computer glasses have single vision lens with modified power to cater maximum safety and comfort of the user. The lens power is tailored to keep the objects in focus just at the precise distance as well as caters to largest field of view.

Yet another popular design for computer lens is the occupational progressive lens which is a no-line multifocal for correcting near, intermediate and distance vision. Intermediate zone with occupational progressive lenses is larger than the regular for maximum comfort of the vision. Lens area for distance vision is however reduced which is why these aren’t recommended for driving or performing other tasks that ask for increased focus.

Tints & coatings

For maximum comfort, the lenses of computer eyewear should be anti-reflective also-known-as anti-glare, anti-reflective coats. This eliminates the light reflecting from the front and rear lens surface causing strain. Then there’re photochromic lenses that shields the eyes from harmful and high-energy visible blue light emitting from digital devices.


Consult your ophthalmologist in Dubai to get the right glasses in the first place.


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