Amazing Aluminum Foil Hacks You Must Know

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is not only meant to wrap up the food but also is useful enough to do everything from polishing silver, eliminating static in the dryer, to removing the rust. Whether you call it tin foil or aluminum foil, it’s got a lot of amazing household uses. Therefore, we’ve compiled some great hacks that’ll help you make even better yet versatile use of the aluminum foil. So let’s dive in

Dryer Ball

In case you don’t like using the dryer sheets, here’s a quick hack for you. Just ball up some tin foil and throw that in the dryer in place of dryer balls or dryer sheets. This will help beat out static cling and will help improve the drying process.

Amazing Aluminum Foil Hacks You Must Know

  • Take tinfoil and ball it up.
  • Make sure that the ball is just smaller than the size of your fist.
  • Throw a couple of those into the dryer and use them instead of dryer balls or dryer sheets.
  • It won’t harm your dryer, and they will work incredibly well.

Perfect Funnel

If you are quite fond of making your DIY cleaning recipes, you’re truly obsessed with cleaning. But what if you don’t have the funnel available and you want to get things done without any inconvenience. In that case, the aluminum foil can be of great help.

  • Just take a piece of tinfoil and folded in half.
  • You’ll need to find something to use for a mold. You May even use the long wooden stirring spoon.
  • You can then create a good seal by crimping the tinfoil down at the bottom.
  • Finish off by forming a funnel shape at the top, so you work it around and create a cone. It might take you a few attempts to get it perfect. But at least, you can use all of the trial one to create a lovely bouquet.

Sharpen Scissor

Do you have scissors that aren’t just cutting anymore? If yes, it’s time to quickly sharpen them in a rather effective way using nothing more than aluminum foil. So how you can do it

  • Just take a sheet of tin foil.
  • Fold it up several times to challenge scissor a little bit.
  • Then snip that piece of tin foil several times.
  • This action will help sharpen the blades, and then you can get back to the important business of cutting.

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Bacon Moment

Sizzling bacon is indeed an amazing experience. Once the bacon is taken out of the pan, you’ve got to deal with that bacon grease. For sure, you won’t dump it down into the sink, and you don’t even want to put it in a plastic container. In that case, you are supposed to grab a tin foil to quickly and efficiently store that hot grease.

  • Just take a piece of tinfoil and line of the bowl with it.
  • Carefully pour the grease into that lined bowl.
  • Set it aside or maybe put it in the fridge.

Till then, you can decide if you’re using that bacon grease for Brussels sprouts or if you want to throw it in the garbage.



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